Week 2

Finished with the language class, learned lots, though, not as much German as I thought I would because it is such a difficult language to learn.  This is in part because there are feminine, masculine, and neutral words, and each has a different article, and though knowing the correct article to use isn’t important for getting your point across, it seemed to be the focus of the class, however, I definitely do not regret taking it because of all the other opportunities I was given.  For example, travelling Munich and its surrounding areas, meeting a lot of great people without whom I wouldn’t have had the same experiences in my travels, plus, I actually learned quite a bit!  Apart from the words I learned by just trying to get around, I learned the hard way several tips I wish I had known before coming.  Firstly, that bike lanes aren’t labeled here, but they are NOT for pedestrians.  Secondly, that bathrooms are labeled with “WC” in Germany, not little people in a box (this is common next to elevators, so it is easy to think that you will find bathrooms if you go down, but it is actually just an elevator symbol), plus, they are scarce and you usually have to pay to use them, so you should take advantage when you can!  Also, the funky “B” in the German alphabet (an Eszett) has an “s” sound, not a “b”, so if you ask someone where a certain “straube” is, they won’t understand (straße = street). Overall, being in Germany isn’t that much different than being in the US – many of the words are the same or very similar, most of people you will run into speak at least a little English, you will find several of the same clothing stores, and the music is primarily American.  Main differences: the buildings are way older and more beautiful, all the people are straight out of a J. Crew catalogue (beautiful, thin, and well dressed), public transportation is eons ahead of the US, and, of course, all the crazy-long, impossible to pronounce German words everywhere.  One thing I was surprised about is that apparently Europeans consider America to be “hip”.  You hear all the time that everyone hates America, but I have been told by quite a few Germans since I have been here that it is the “European Dream” to go to America and see LA, New York, Vegas, Miami, etc. Anyways, I have a week off to travel, and then I start my internship, so auf wiedersehen!

St. Peter's Church Oldest Church in Munich
St. Peter’s Church
Oldest Church in Munich
View from the clock tower in Marienzplatz
View from the clock tower in Marienzplatz
A living statue!
A living statue!
The FC Bayern soccer arena!
The FC Bayern soccer arena!

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