Week 6

This week I had a few busy days in the lab, as I have now taken over most of the responsibility of around 100 dishes and flasks of cells that need to be monitored and cared for every day.  Then, on Thursday, one of the PhD students from the pogram organized a “pub tour” for several of the interns and their supervisors.  We visited five pubs, ordering the best beer at each and sitting and talking for around an hour at each.  It was kind of awkward to be drinking so much and staying out so late with the people that were essentially our bosses, but it was a lot of fun!  I suppose it is more normal in Germany to be caught having fun by your superiors, and on the night before a workday I might add.  Odd.
I had another fantastic weekend as well; this time though, I stayed in town.  On Saturday, myself and a few of the boys across the hall went to an electronic music festival, where we listened to some great DJ’s, danced, and had an amazing time.  Then, Sunday, we all went to this lake just a mile and a half walk from our house.  It was very beautiful, though, I am sad to admit, I forgot to bring my phone and camera, so I took no photos.  We grilled, swam, played frisbee, and got a little tan in the process.  I hope to go back to it before I leave, but since I will probably be traveling the remainder of the weekends I am here, I might never get a picture of this lake.

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Week 4: Internship and Berlin!

One week of work under my belt and a weekend trip to Berlin to top it off!  Unfortunately, my apartment is a little far from Erlangen (the closest town to me), so I haven’t gotten to explore much and, being in a little suburb, many of the people do not speak English.  My internship is currently a lot of reading, along with a couple hours in the lab a day, examining the cells, changing the media, seeding them, and a couple other things, but more exciting things to come!Read More »

Week 3: Vacation!

I had a week off between the language course and the start of my internship, and my family came up to visit me!  The first couple days I showed them around Munich and we did some tours, one to the Dachau concentration camp (the first concentration camp during the war) and another tour to Scholss Neuschwanstein – the second time for me, but this time I did a bike tour, so we biked around the lake, and then did the tour inside the castle.  After this we went to Salzburg, Austria for a few days and did a couple tours there as well.  The first tour we did was the Sound of Music Tour, which was super cool and I highly recommend.  It is kind of nice because much of the tour is in the car, travelling to the different (and beautiful!) places where scenes were shot, like to the gazebo (one of them), the abbey, the house and lake, the church, and the garden where they sing “Doe Ray Me”.  We took a day to explore the fortress that sits at the top of the hill, and the last day we did a zipline tour through one of the gorges.  All in all, the tours were pretty cool, and I highly recommend! Though maybe try to get a small group tour if you get the chance.  Doing the tour rather than just going to visit the site created a much more meaningful experience because you get to learn about the history, hear cool anecdotes, and give meaning to everything you see, as opposed to looking at something and thinking, “cool, lets move on”.Read More »