Week 6

This week I had a few busy days in the lab, as I have now taken over most of the responsibility of around 100 dishes and flasks of cells that need to be monitored and cared for every day.  Then, on Thursday, one of the PhD students from the pogram organized a “pub tour” for several of the interns and their supervisors.  We visited five pubs, ordering the best beer at each and sitting and talking for around an hour at each.  It was kind of awkward to be drinking so much and staying out so late with the people that were essentially our bosses, but it was a lot of fun!  I suppose it is more normal in Germany to be caught having fun by your superiors, and on the night before a workday I might add.  Odd.
I had another fantastic weekend as well; this time though, I stayed in town.  On Saturday, myself and a few of the boys across the hall went to an electronic music festival, where we listened to some great DJ’s, danced, and had an amazing time.  Then, Sunday, we all went to this lake just a mile and a half walk from our house.  It was very beautiful, though, I am sad to admit, I forgot to bring my phone and camera, so I took no photos.  We grilled, swam, played frisbee, and got a little tan in the process.  I hope to go back to it before I leave, but since I will probably be traveling the remainder of the weekends I am here, I might never get a picture of this lake.

This upcoming week, I will take Thursday and Friday off to attend a conference in Heidelberg for the DAAD RISE interns, and then on Saturday and Sunday I have plans to go to Frankfurt, and check out that city!

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